We Are Implementing An Iso 39001 Road Safety Management System!


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The occurrence of road accidents in the performance of road transport activities is the main concern of our organization.

In this sense, the strategic decision to promote a daily stance in favor of road safety not only plays a fundamental role in the sustainable growth of our company, but also allows us to minimize the impact of our activity on society in general.
The implementation of a Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001), to be integrated into the current certified Quality Management System, thus appears as the natural response to the main aim of reducing and, if possible, eliminating the incidence and risk of injuries serious, and even death, resulting from road accidents arising from the activity carried out.

Main benefits of implementing the ISO 39001 normative reference

→ Strengthen commitment to road safety

→ Reduce the occurrence (and severity) of road accidents

→ Improve effectiveness in road safety management

→ Reduce the human and material costs associated with this type of accident

→ Improve the working environment

→ Reduce the environmental impact caused

→ Improve corporate image